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Player Name/ Personal Journal: Adrienne Batroc
Email: on-file
AIM: nextgener49
Other Contact: n/a
Character Name: Adrienne Batroc
Character Journal: ze_leaper
Physical Description: Adrienne is a fit, athletic woman in her mid-twenties. She has shoulder-length blonde hair. In particular, her legs are especially muscular and fit (think Chun-Li, from Street Fighter)

Age: 25
DOB: 1989
PB: adrianne palicki
Character Location/Home: Mobile
Alignment: Variable. She does mercenary work and is a cat burglar, but generally holds to a moral code and goes after she decides deserve it. Plus, some jobs, just because they're fun.
Relatives: Georges Batroc (father, living) mother (living), Marie Batroc (half-sister, living)
Abilities: Skilled Savate practitioner, skilled Traceuse, and skilled thief and burglar. Speaks/reads English and French. Possesses great (though not super-human) leg strength--can jump ten feet vertically--, both for kicking and leaping.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Otherwise mortal

Personality: Adrienne is a cheerful woman, who puts on an exaggerated accent when in the field (and oftentimes just for the hell of it), very much aware that part of the whole package when you hire a Batroc is theater. She's talkative, flirty, and fun-loving. She has a very defined moral code, albeit one that allows her to steal things that do not belong to her. But there are very clear lines she will not cross. No crimes involving children, no jobs for organizations like HYDRA or AIM, things like that.

Backstory: The second (possibly. Batroc was really popular with the ladies) daughter of the great French mercenary Batroc, Adrienne was trained by her father from an early age in the arts of Savate and Parkour, becoming extraordinarily proficient in both of them, as well as displaying a profound talent for thievery and burglary, eventually going into the cat burglary business for herself, while maintaining a certain sense of honor about who exactly she would work for.

Very quickly, she built a solid and dependable reputation, though certainly not yet to the level of some of the greats of the business. And, of course, she is not entirely above simply stealing things from people who she does not feel deserve to have them. Some of the time, at least, the profits from these ill-gotten gains are given to the poor or other charities

Adrienne developed a solid and lasting friendship with Millicent Zaran, daughter of her father's longtime associate, Zaran the Weapon's Master. The two compliment each other well, both in terms of skills and temperament. Though there was that nasty business with one of Millicent's boyfriends...

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